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Guelph Midwives was established in 1996 and consists of a team of registered midwives who work in a shared care model. Guelph Midwives offers personalized, professional and evidence-informed care to families in Guelph, Fergus and the surrounding area. Midwives provide comprehensive primary care during pregnancy, labour, birth and up to six weeks postpartum for low risk mothers and infants. The practice is located in lovely downtown Guelph’s Community Health Centre, sharing a location with a weekly breastfeeding cafe, postpartum resources, infant programs and community acupuncture.

We also have a satellite clinic in Fergus.

Who We Are


The practice is made up of registered midwives with varied backgrounds and international experience, offering care in four languages. Despite their diversity, the midwives share a strong belief in promoting normal birth and providing client-centered care. The team works in a shared care model, meaning that clients meet up to four midwives during their pregnancy and are ensured that a known care provider will be available for the birth of their baby. Guelph Midwives is a teaching practice. We are committed to working with student midwives to ensure more skilled maternity practitioners in Canada.
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Become a client


Guelph Midwives is continually accepting new clients into care. Midwives care for low risk pregnancies, for both first time parents and those who have had previous children. We recommend that you contact us early to ensure we can provide quality care, beginning in the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy.  We welcome your inquiries and enjoy caring for a diverse range of families.
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