Emergency Contact

How to contact your midwife:
Emergency Line: 1-888-858-2833

This number is for midwifery emergencies ONLY. The operators have been instructed to ask you a few questions to determine the nature of the call. They will then page the midwife on call. STAY OFF THE PHONE so that the midwife can reach you. If she has not returned your call in 15 minutes, call the service again.

Please report any of the following to us immediately – call the emergency line if we don’t answer the office phone or it is after hours.

  • Any vaginal bleeding which is dark or bright red (not pink spotting)
  • Severe abdominal, back or upper stomach pain
  • Severe headaches or blurred vision
  • Sudden or persistent swelling
  • Illness with vomiting, or fever and/or chills for over 24 hours
  • Any leaking of amniotic fluid from vagina, whether a gush or a trickle.
  • A noticeable decrease in fetal movement, or if something doesn’t “feel” right
  • Rhythmic labor contractions prior to 37 weeks
  • Active labor at term (contractions 5 minutes apart or less, lasting for 45-60 seconds, for the last hour)