Privacy Policy

Guelph Midwives will follow the privacy principles as outlined by the office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

  • Principle 1:

    Leslie Howarth will be responsible to ensure that the organization of Guelph Midwives is in compliance with the privacy principles outlined in this Guelph Midwives Protocol document.

  • Principle 2:

    Each client will be made aware, at her initial appointment, that the information gathered by her midwives, will be used for the delivery of her primary healthcare.

  • Principle 3:

    Each client will sign a booking agreement with Guelph Midwives which will be her consentfor the collection, use and disclosure of her personal information during her course of care.

  • Principal 4:

    Guelph Midwives will collect personal information that is necessary andis limited to the purpose of delivering her healthcare.

  • Principle 5:

    Personal information collected by Guelph Midwives will not be disclosed for purposes other than those for which it was collected without consent or as required by law. Guelph Midwives will keep this personal information in accordance with the Standards of the College of Midwives

  • Principle 6:

    The information that is collected will be accurate complete and up-to-date. Clients will give be given the opportunity to review the accuracy of the records at 32-34weeks gestation, when they receive their records to carry.

  • Principle 7:

    Personal information is protected with security safeguards as outlined in document A

  • Principle 8:

    This privacy policy will be available to our clients on our Guelph Midwives website.

  • Principal 9:

    Upon request,clients will have access to the information that is collected throughout their pregnancy by Guelph Midwives and at discharge a copy of the records of care will be photocopied and given to take home.

  • Principal 10:

    If a client wishes to address a challenge concerning the compliance of these principles by Guelph Midwives, the client will be referred to Leslie Howarth.

These principles are included in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), from Canada’s private sector privacy.